If you are a fun and high energy person, then Romania is the place for you. If you  like to bop your head when listening to music, or aspire to be a film critic, or you’re artsy, there is something for you to look forward to. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll showcase the most notable festivals in Romania categorized by region, so wherever you might find yourself, you can definitely find something to take part in.


  1. Untold Festival (August – Cluj-Napoca)


Starting off with one of, if not, the most popular festival in Romania, Untold. You might even have heard of it from one of your friends. It is the type of festival where lots of people from around the world gather to listen to well-known international artists, like Marshmello, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Jason Derulo and Imagine Dragons.

 It takes place during the magnificent summer time of August in Cluj-Napoca, where joy, relief and stress-free attitude is king. However, what specifically piqued our interest is its first edition’s ingenious marketing campaign launching its instant success. Under the flag of  “Pay with Blood”, blood-donors received free entry while simultaneously supporting an admirable cause as well as creating an eerie and mythical vibe for its location in Transylvania… the land of Vampire legends. Let’s get that blood pumping ravers, turn it up!

Here is the Official Aftermovie of Untold from the 2022 chapter!


      2. Rockstadt Extreme Festival (August – Râșnov)


For hardcore people that are hungry for something more, boy do we have the festival for you. If you have listened to various bands like Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth or other comparable dark uproars in your childhood rebellious teen years, Rockstadt Extreme Festival is the place for you.

It takes place in Râșnov, in the Brașov area. The festival had its first edition in 2013, but Rockstadt has been a phenomenon in the area for much longer in the form of the town’s most popular metal bar catering to metalheads from all corners of the country, as well as providing a stage to both local and international acts. The festival itself stepped up its game significantly, providing an engaging 4-day event devoted to extreme music of both local and international origin. The vibe of the festival compliments the already superb location in the heart of Transylvania with a gloomy and breath-taking mystique. 

To really know what I am talking about, you can find the Rockstadt Extreme Festival Aftermovie from 2022 here.


      3. RO – Wine (September – Bucharest)


Going to a more chill and laid-back subject: Wine!! Everybody likes wine, we like wine, there’s a good chance you like wine. Wine makes people happy in more ways than one. I have to admit, I am more into wine tasting rather than wine making, so naturally, I love visiting wineries and hearing intricate stories about the wine making process, even one I heard about a million times. 

Romania is one of the top countries in Europe when it comes to producing wine, and some really tasty ones at that, from Fetească Neagră to Tămâioasă Românească and Grasă de Cotnari. So naturally it should offer a festival made for us, wine connoisseurs. Good news for us, everyone who is dying to go and drink wine, should visit the RO-Wine Festival in Bucharest around the time of September.  It is perfect to pleasure your vices or even develop one, if you already are entertaining the idea of getting into the wine world.

For an idea of what you might find in this festival of the wine industry, you can find the Aftermovie here


        4. TIFF – Transylvania International Film Festival (May/June – Cluj-Napoca)


Are you into horror films? Romance? Action? Or maybe even just good ol’ comedy movies? TIFF- Transylvania International Film Festival is the festival you are looking for, being founded in 2002 in the town of Cluj-Napoca, with all the rich culture the city has accumulated throughout the years. TIFF has grown rapidly, becoming the most important film-related event in Romania and one of the most spectacular annual events in the region. The TIFF experience means an exciting and intriguing selection, picturesque locations such as castles or open air museums, cine-concerts in churches, educational platforms for young audiences, solid industry programs, and a consistent focus on the future of audio-visual content. 

The Festival is also one of the most well-known festivals where young people are looking to volunteer because of the different departments they are placed into for the experience they want to gather and people that volunteer can also build friendships with the people there seeing how everyone is so open and kind. Even as a volunteer, you can enter the cinema rooms or if you are placed in an open air location, you can view the movie with the rest of the people so you aren’t missing out on your favorite films.

You can also experience TIFF in other cities in Romania, mainly Sibiu and Oradea, however, in smaller doses than the main location in Cluj-Napoca. See for yourself in the TIFF Aftermovie in Sibiu .


   5. ARTmania Festival (Sibiu)


ARTmania Festival is definitely one of the best and amazing small festivals in Europe. The festival is situated in the delightful historical town of Sibiu. An event that doesn’t only excel in providing a stage to the most promising acts in heavy music, but also exhibiting and promoting all other forms of artistic expressions that are one way or the other inspired by rock culture. You can’t really go wrong with that golden combo.

 The festival is another great opportunity to gather your like-minded friends and have fun partying together, dancing, singing and having a couple beers with your long-time mates.

Gather a glimpse of what can await you, with this Aftermovie!


    6. Sighișoara Medieval Festival (July- Sighișoara)


More arts, but a dash earlier on the timeline, there is the Sighișoara Medieval Festival is the place where you find yourself in a time capsule that triggers versions of forgone times. The town itself just presents these aspects alone, hosting a full-blown festival to enhance the experience newcomers can enjoy. Find a way circling around brave knights, commedia dell’arte and loyal craftsmen practicing trades such as pottery and blacksmithing…a childhood dream easily taken into adulthood!

A huge welcoming plus is that the festival is entirely free!  

Check it out for yourself!


    7. George Enescu Festival (September – Bucharest)


George Enescu, was a renown and really important figure for a lot of people everywhere in the world. If you somehow have not heard of him, let us catch you up to speed really quick. He was a classical violinist, pianist, conductor and composer, he really manifested everything that makes Romania stand tall and proud. Talent ran through his veins from a young age and already gave away a private concert at the Court of Vienna for none other than Emperor Franz Joseph, when he was only 10 years old. He graduated before his 13th birthday, earning a medal at the same time, and proceeded into a glorious musical career in Romania, France and the United States. To honor him, Romania is hosting a really inspiring  and wonderful festival, giving homage to his brilliant works.

Check out one of the performances that took place on this very stage, right here.


    8. Electric Castle (July – Bonțida/Județul Cluj)


Electric Castle is loved by the festival goers for its unique and immersive day & night experience, awarded by the music festival industry for its impressive quality and appreciated by artists.

Taking place to the iconic 15th-century Banffy Castle, in the pristine mystical nature of Transylvania, Electric Castle surprises at every  edition with a creative lineup, forthbringing a range of genres, with new media installations & performances. Mythical scenery and historical surroundings create an out of the ordinary way of living and feeling which is unlike everything you have experienced thus far. You can have a go and have fun with your friends and loved ones there with round the clock entertainment, artistic performances, immersive installations, fashion & fair area, carefully selected food & drink vendors available everywhere the eye can see, coupled with a variety of daytime activities to choose from –  perfect for everyone. 

During the 9 years of experience, Electric Castle has been like a home for internationally acclaimed music artists such as Gorillaz, 21Pilots, Florence+The Machine, The Prodigy, Die Antwoord, Jessie J, deadmau5, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Bring Me The Horizon. It is the perfect place to go if you have a happy-go-lucky personality and love to meet new, open and friendly people that are aligned with the same interests as you.

See a preview of the adventure that awaits you at Electric Castle, right here!


    9. SAGA (June – Romaero, Bucharest)


The biggest festival in Bucharest, SAGA is a completely different experience that showcases imagination and mesmerizing creativity in an airport setting venue, at Romaero Airport. Quite a different environment to party in compared to your normal festival located in a city or in a forest. 

SAGA is an innovative music festival that brings together some of the most loved artists with superb audio-visual production and inclusive atmospheres, creating the ultimate party that Bucharest has been crying out for. With lineups that show love to local artists and is also a home to international sensations like Skrillex, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Nas X, Alan Walker, Don Diablo and Marshmello.

SAGA is all about the journey. The kind of journey where people get energized. Where do you end up? Join and find out!


     10. NEVERSEA (July – Constanța)


On the shores of the Black Sea, in the heart of Romania’s oldest continuously inhabited city, Constanța, NEVERSEA Festival delivers three days and three nights of musical magic.

One of Romania’s biggest summer music festivals brings together the cream of the crop from house, techno, EDM and brass music. The most note-worthy artists in the festival’s numerous lineups are no joke. Ranging from Afrojack, Jamie Jones, Tyga, Black Eyed Peas, Timmy Trumpet, Alan Walker, Steve Aoki and Sofie Tukker, these heavy-hitters tell you all you need to know about the caliber of artists that play during the festival.

Aside from the top international talent booked, NEVERSEA is set aside from other festivals for one other reason, and more specifically the location. 

Standing apart from other festivals, set up around the enchanting beaches of Constanța, NEVERSEA will make you take a mental trip in the festival’s storytelling as well as a literal trip down to the amazing scenery presented by the waves of the sea. Festival-goers can also experience the Gorges of Dobrogea that boast a unique and scenic landscape pockmarked with towers, columns and pyramids.


If you’re looking for some post-party relaxation, the unimaginably varied and intriguing village of Vama Veche is only half an hour away from the city. Famous for being counter cultural fantasy, many people choose to camp on the expansive beaches, rather than book to stay at the newly-built hotels in an attempt to preserve the natural beauty.

Another plus is that if you want to go from SAGA to NEVERSEA, fear not, the two locations are not too far from each other, so if you were planning on going to both festivals one after the other, it is totally doable!

Come, see for yourself and we expect you at NEVERSEA!



In conclusion when you read about it, it seems like Romania is the perfect place for everyone. Any taste you might be into, you can find something that floats your boat! From modern, international or local music, to something chill and laid-back, to something historic and artsy, there is something for everyone to get their buggy on!

So, have fun, party, spend some time with your old friends or create new ones, and come have fun in the mythical nightlife of Transylvania or be hip and chic near the Black Sea.