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Short Transylvanian Circuit



4 days / 3 nights

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10 people


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Departure: Cluj-Napoca

Arrival: Cluj-Napoca

Transportation: by bus/minivan with an assigned driver and authorized guide, or individually. For that, we can offer a rent-a-car service.

Good to know: You’ll get by with english pretty well

Highlights: Sighisoara, Turda Salt Mine


Complete Guide and Itinerary

Cluj-Napoca – Sighisoara – Turda – Cluj-Napoca

A land out of a fairy tale, encircled by untamed mountains, verdant valleys, and medieval settlements. Transylvania is the beating heart of Romania, cradled by the Carpathian Mountains, a land of mystery and magic where time seems to stand still. Shepherds gracefully tend their herds as horse-drawn carriages rumble around the cobblestoned streets, and villagers may even make hay in the warm rays of the sun.

Even the most curious minds start to wonder if time travel is real when they experience the joyous interactions between the past and present.

It gets under your skin and makes you want to put your dancing shoes on when you experience Cluj Napoca’s vibrancy. Once your emotions have settled, you can let your mind and body relax and reconnect with the past.

Letting your curiosity take hold of yourself, you end up being flabbergasted by the last truly medieval town in Europe, Sighisoara. The pastel-hued buildings, the picturesque streets, and the stillness of time bring one question to mind:

How does Vlad the Impaler and his ways fit into this tranquil setting?

I suppose this is the right time to just sit down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the moment. Enjoy the fact that we may stroll peacefully around Sighisoara’s magnificent streets without worrying that Vlad might ambush us from a shadowy corner of the castle.

Set your time travel machine and teleport right back into the present time. Where?


Yes, you heard that right. We want you to teleport right into the ground to one of the oldest salt mines in the world.

Turda’s salt mine, shaped by people, will truly make you question the unfathomable capabilities of humankind.

By exploring this salty maze, you can experience the true magic of it. You’ll thank yourself later, because your health, your inner child, and your insatiable curiosity will all be satisfied.

Why, you may ask?

Due to the air’s high salt content, this magical world has wonderful health advantages. At the center of it, there is an amusement park that is just waiting for you to enjoy it.

Yeah, we know, you just want to pack your bags and come already, right?

No rush.

Remember, it’s like you travel not just to a destination but also back in time.

Welcome, fellow travelers. Welcome to our vibrant city of Cluj-Napoca. The city is a must-see while in Romania. We guarantee you will fall in love all over again.

Every single moment spent here inspires your soul since everything is so magical and fascinating. The city is known to have a young heart and serves as a home to numerous students from across the nation and the world.

Cluj has you covered, whether you’re looking for great music, clubs, restaurants, theaters, museums, or everything else you can imagine.

Roam the streets and have fun!

Hilton Double Tree 4* / Platinia 5*


07:00-10:00 Breakfast at hotel

10:15 Departure to Sighisoara

13:00 Lunch at Casa Georgius Krauss

Oh, we are excited about this one!

After serving breakfast, we will immediately get in our cars and begin traveling to the incredible town of Sighisoara.

Sighisoara is regarded as the most magnificent and well-preserved inhabited citadel in all of Europe because of its distinctive medieval architecture. The Lower Town is located in the valley of the Târnava-Mare river, while the medieval stronghold was constructed on top of a hill.

After lunch a walking guide is recommended.

You can take in the medieval atmosphere and go shopping in the citadel if you don’t want to take the guided tour.

Recommended Attractions: 

– Clock Tower (the symbol of the town, today hosts the History Museum)

– Monastery Church, the Roman-Catholic Church

– The House with Wood-Shingle

– The Vlad Dracul’s House

– The Venetian House

– The Scolii Street

– The Covered Staircase

Accommodation: Casa Georgius Krauss 4*


08:00-10:00 Breakfast at hotel

10:15  Departure to Turda

12:00-14:30 Turda Salt Mine

15:00 Lunch and Wine Tasting at Sarea-n Bucate

20:00 Departure to Cluj Napoca

Turda Salt Mine. With over 2,000 years of history, highly preserved galleries, and a futuristic underground attraction, Salina Turda is the largest salt mine museum in the world, and easily the most incredible. The walls of the mine are pattened with salt deposits, making the surroundings a spectacular display of the unexpected beauty of the underground world. Today, the mine still holds more than 38 million tonnes of salt, more than enough to meet the salt needs of the entire world for at least the next 60 years!

Sarea-n Bucate. Surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Transylvania, Sarea-n Bucate is the perfect place to connect with nature and get a taste of the local cuisine. You will enjoy a fantastic lunch complemented with a wine tasting here.

OPTIONAL – Visit to a Rroma family in Brateiu. You have a unique opportunity to visit a typical Rroma family. Victor, the head of the family who is a traditional artisan, will tell you more about their history, culture and lifestyle, including some personal stories. He will show us his workshop and products maded of copper, brass and silver. You will also meet his wife and children. This is a perfect stop for those who want to learn about this heavily discriminated ethnic minority in Europe, wrongly called gypsies, subject to many prejudices and misconceptions.

Accommodation : Cluj Napoca @ Hilton Double Tree 4* / Platinia 5*

08:00-10:00 Breakfast at the hotel

Free time

We genuinely believe that Cluj-Napoca’s beauty is undeniable and needs to be explored properly.

So here you are, from us to you, with love our favorite places around:

– Museum Square

– Unirii Square

– Central Park Simion Barnutiu

– St.Michael’s Church and Rex Matia Corvin Statue

– Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden

– Cetatuia Hill

– Iulius Park


  • 3 nights accommodation in a double room with breakfast included
  • Entrance and guided tour of Turda Salt Mine
  • Wine Tasting at Sarea-n Bucate
  • Lunch on the second day
  • Transportation
  • Assistance during the entire tour
  • Other meals which are not specified in the offer
  • Medical Insurance
  • Visit the Rroma family (30 euro/pers)

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4 days/3 nights

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